Jazz Times -- Jazz News

August 1997

Burnett Thompson

"Second Smile"

Solace 1002

"...instead of the usual bio...Thompson's meditations on life in style conjoining the media-speak of Marshal McLuhan and the poetry of Robert Frost. "...Thompson's incisive touch reveals a classical background, the touch of a Bill Evans, and a capacity to swing like mad. In lines like "Lulu's Back in Town," Thompson proves a mainstream master. But whether an original like the upbeat title track or a standard like "Blue Skies," there are enough twists to keep things fresh. Tasteful support is by bassist Louis Hinds and drummer Leonard Cuddy...

"Beauty's Rose"

Solace 1003

"...Thompson essays a solo collection of impressionistic miniatures. There are haunting soundscapes with titles such as "In Beauty's Brow...angular arabesques dance with a conscision and wit recalling Erik Satie. His moods and means shift constantly. ...improvisations dazzle in their own sweet and astringently abstract way."

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