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Burnett Thompson in China, 2007-2020

Concerts & Master Classes

Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Dalian, Xian, Wuhan, Kunming, Shenzhen, Ningbo

  My Love is as a Fever: Coco Zhao sings Sonnet 66
(Burnett Thompson, Composer)Two Cities Gallery, Moganshanlu, Shanghai

  Zhang Le at Castleton in Performance Shakespeare Sonnet 8, Burnett Thompson, composer

  Suite Shanghai Nights Zai Na Yao Yuan de Difang
JZ Club, Shanghai
Burnett Thompson, Arranger

  Suite Shanghai Nights XXX. JZ Club, Shanghai
(Burnett Thompson, Composer)

  Folk Song, Wang Bai Ling, Fudan University, Shanghai

  Sonnet 8, Coco Zhao, Two Cities Gallery,
Moganshanlu, Shanghai

  Nightfall 夜深沉, 马晓晖
Ma Xiaohui, Erhu, Burnett Thompson, Piano
Moganshanlu, Shanghai

  Exhale, Lin Di, Pipa

JZ Club Shanghai, April 11, 2010
From the Expo Suite, Burnett Thompson, Composer & Pianist; Soprano Sax: Alec Haavik; Bass: Ej Parker; Drums: Chris Trzcinski;

  关山月 Guan Shan Yue 唐慧琳, Guqin; Burnett Thompson Piano

Traditional Guqin Melody

  Bei Ge (Sad Song) Liu Tianhua, 悲歌,刘天华
Meng Xiaoxu, erhu, Burnett Thompson, piano
Shenzhen Grand Theater
Nov. 16, 2013

  我要你的爱 I want your love Coco Zhao, Violinist Peng Fei,
Burnett Thompson Piano, Victor Dwoskin, bass, Steve Larrance, dr

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
In this performance, Coco Zhao performs most of his successful "Possicobilities" CD Produced by Burnett Thompson


  Shanghai Library Intro, Jan 2007
Ma Xiaohui, erhu & Burnett Thompson, Piano

  Yu Miao, Guzhengs, Bruce Gremo, flutes, Burentt Thompson, piano
Plantation Theatre, Beijing
Apr 23, 2017
All music composed by Yu Miao, Bruce Gremo and Burnett Thompson

  Ma Xiaohui, erhu, Burnett Thompson, piano
夜深沉, Nightfall, Beijing Opera Melody
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
June 6, 2006

  Tang Jiuqi, vocalist, Wang Meng, erhu, Burnett Thompson, composer & pianist
Shakespeare Sonnet 66
From "My Love is As a Fever" Sonnet Song Cycle
Wuhan Normal University, Wuhan, China
April 20, 2011

  Shepherd's Song- Liu Yiyi, Dizi; Burnett Thompson, Piano
Ningbo University
November, 2012

  Zhu Ying Yao Hong烛影摇红, A Candle's Flickering Shadow
composer: Liu Tian Hua
Ren Hua Qing, erhu 二胡, Burnett Thompson, piano
Shanghai University
Nov 30, 2012

  Regrets in Lin An. Yingtao Wang, guzheng;Burnett Thompson, piano
Wuhan University
November, 2012