The Washington Post

Burnett Thompson, Piano
Louis Hinds, Bass
Leonard Cuddy, Drums

December 3, 1996
Sunday Arts Section

by Mike Joyce, Music Critic

...Thompson counts J.S. Bach, Bela Bartok and Duke Ellington among his heroes, which in part explains the logic, dissonance and lushness that inform his music. Like Thompson's last album, "Uncertain Times," this trio session champions a mostly congenial brand of jazz, more sunny and swinging than cerebral, but not without plenty of substance and surprises. The sustained romance of Kurt Weill's "September Song," the hard-bop groove of Bobby Timmons's "Moanin'" and the turbulent ride of Ellington's "Caravan" are among the album's disparate pleasures, along with Thompson's now poignant, now emphatic ballad "Just Leave My heart Alone."