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November 29, 2011

Ningbo Concert: Nov 25 2011 Complete Recording

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Burnett Thompson and Friends in Concert
Ningbo University
November 25, 2011
*Wang Yi Ni, vocal ;  Wang Lei Lei, vocal, *Wang Jian Qiao, erhu; *Song Wen Yue, erhu; Tom Smith, trombone and Jazz Department Director; *You Peng Wei, *Zhou Yu, *Xu Ying Ying, percussion  (* students at Ningbo University) 

Listen to the entire concert:

Take 5                                          composer: Dave Brubeck                               
The Little Sack                  Wang Yi Ni, vocal; Tom Smith, Trombone; Trad Chinese melody, arr. Burnett Thompson
Er Quan Ying Yue                           Song Wen Yue, erhu; Tom Smith, Trombone;   Composer: (A Bing) Hua Yanjun
Take the A Train                             Composer: Duke Ellington
Gentle Rain                                    Wang Jian Qiao, erhu;  Tom Smith, Trombone; Composer: Luis Bonfa
Shakespeare: Sonnet 66                 Wang LeiLei, vocal; Song Wen Yue, erhu; Composer: Burnett Thompson
I’ve got it Bad and that Ain’t Good   Tom Smith, Trombone; Composer: Duke Ellington
Shakespeare: Sonnet 154               Wang LeiLei, vocal; Song Wen Yue, erhu; Composer: Burnett Thompson
Groovin’ High                                 Tom Smith, Trombone; Composer: Dizzy Gillespie
Nice Work if you can Get it               Composer: George Gershwin
Sai Ma                                           Wang Jian Qiao, erhu; Trad. Chinese melody arr. Burnett Thompson
When the Saints Go Marching          Trad. American Melody
Georgia on My Mind                         Hoagy Carmichael

Ningbo Highlights

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Ningbo Radio:  A one-hour live interview and performance with trombonist Tom Smith and Burnett Thompson.  A short audio clip in which Burnett explains things in Mandarin Chinese. 

above: In Concert Nov. 25,  B.T. and Wang Jian Qiao in concert; Tom Smith, Wang Yi Ni, B.T.


2 weeks at Ningbo University

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I met Yu Hui at Shenyang Normal University last year, and after his arrival as Dean of the School of Arts at Ningbo University, he suggested I come to the school and participate in his new jazz program.  Hence   two weeks of teaching, rehearsals, lectures,  and performances, including the “American Jazz Music Week” (美国爵士音乐周).  The Jazz week included 6 performances, including a student concert, a couple of presentations by the remarkable trombonist Professor Tom Smith, my own lecture on Chinese & American music histories, and concluded with a big concert hosted by your truly.  From a personal perspective, this was one of the biggest highlights of 9 tours in China, and I have Yu Hui to thank for this rewarding experience. 

My goal as expressed to Yu Hui was to present the jazz piano course in Mandarin Chinese.  He in turn set up a daily two hour class, followed by two hours of rehearsals every day. I conducted these sessions entirely in Chinese, with the generous assistance of the students who helped me with the technical vocabulary and general pronunciations. 

The highlight of the trip was my Introduction to Jazz Piano Class, which included 12 students.  We met every day for 2 hours.  A close second was the two-hour daily rehearsals with a pair of erhu players and two singers. 

Above:  Yu Hui;  jazz piano class: 张大卫,朱佳,周琳, 周舒怡, 尤鹏玮,聂小涵,温馨,罗洁,,袁金宝,温馨 周余 徐莹莹, B.T.,  not present: 李化阳; Prof. Yang, translator Xin Chen, Prof. Zhong, Tom Smith, translator Ke Jin, B.T.; Concert: Wang Lei Lei, B.T., Song Wen Yue

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