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March 8, 2007

Joseph Horowitz at LOC: Post-Classical

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The lecture last night at the Library of Congress featured Joseph Horowitz, accompanied by Karen Ahlquist of GW University music dept.┬ and Christina Scheppelmann of the Washington National Opera.

┬ Mr. Horowitz has a deft way of sorting through the history of “American classical music” that is quite engaging.┬ He is able to sprinkle his speech with peculiar, interesting, and┬ little known facts about the American symphony orchestra, and is making a career of addressing the dilemma facing the American ‘classical’ music industry.┬ Ms. Ahlquist presented a perfect contrast.┬ She is still looking from the inside out, and sees nothing on the outside that needs to come in.┬ Ms. Scheppelmann┬ addressed the matter of keeping new and unknown music on the operatic stage, in spite of the overwhelming costs of a night at the opera.┬ (more…)

Artis String Quartet Artis Streich Quartette

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The Artis String Quartet was here from Vienna last week. I had the pleasure of hearing the concert both´┐Ż the night before their Library of Congress appearance, and at the Library.´┐Ż The setting was a living room, and I was two feet from the cello’s endpin.´┐Ż The most remarkable experience was hearing Beethoven opus 127 in such a setting.´┐Ż I don’t get to hear the late quartets much anyway, and to hear 127 two days in a row was a highlight of my ear’s lives.´┐Ż Of course the competing joy was hanging out with Viennese musicians who graciously tolerated my sloppy Deutsch/Viennese and reminisced about the marvelous and often peculiar history of the Viennese music scene since 1972.´┐Ż (more…)

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