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January 17, 2008

pudong dog and pony show

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It was off to the outer reaches of Pudong for an “industrial”  show today.  I traded my piano for some sleigh bells and a stick, and Kiera waved a tambourine.  The other performances included a fine operatic basso and a traditional drum ensemble.  The crowd of primarily businessmen gave it the customary 3 second applause. 

January 16, 2008

Willow Nielson at JZ Club

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I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Australian tenor saxophonist Willow Neilson at the JZ Club on Jan. 14th.  I had also been waiting to hear pianist Huang Jian Ni, and I was doubly rewarded, or rather quadruply, as they were joined by bassist Peter Scherr, a Hong Kong resident, and the superb drummer Chris Trzcinski.  Willow’s compositions were the highlight of the evening.  The Club was packed, which seems to be the norm, Monday night notwithstanding.  This is a decidedly friendly crowd, and they are clearly there to enjoy the music.  Willow and company served it up with distinctive panache.  

Shanghai streets

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This picture tells part of the story, as I didn’t get one from the front.  The man is actually reading while riding his bike.  He is not looking up at all, and on the back is a huge planter with an 8 foot tall tree in it.  Of course, you can see bikers with entire sofas on the back of the bike here, but the reading tree-hauler was a first for me.

The second photo is witness to a funeral rite.  The bereaved arrived an hour before the photo was taken, drew a circle on the pavement, tossed some clothes into the circle, and set them on fire.  The clothes are transported to provide warmth for the deceased in the hereafter. 

A remarkable lunch in Shanghai

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We had the honor and surprise privilege of being invited to the 80th birthday party of a remarkable artist here in Shanghai,  Zhou Hao, who has taught many of the important erhu performers in China today.  As is customary, there was an enormous feast of several varieties of fish, shrimp, scallops, pork, several duck dishes, soups, vegetables, and on and on.  Mr. Zhou himself gave an impromptu performance of “Reflecting Moonlight on the Waters.”  In attendance was a who’s-who of erhu performers and professors in Shanghai, including of course Ma Xiaohui. 

In the photo: Kiera Thompson, Xiaohui, Jiu Hao, Burnett

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