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December 6, 2013

Shenzhen Grand Theater

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Thanks to our friend Li Ning Guang in Beijing, I had the good fortune to appear in concert in Shenzhen with the fine erhu player, Meng Xiao Xu. Aside from being a superb performer, she is a professor at Jing Hai Conservatory in Guangzhou. I included Wayne Shorter’s Wild Flower in the program, and she and I played Bei Ge of Liu Tianhua and her performing of Spain of Corea/Rodriguez was exactly what the composer had in mind.

Aside from the concert, my favorite area in Shenzhen was the art district. In this area, you can get any masterpiece copied. This may not seem like such a great thing until you actually see the copies. I was tempted to grab a few Van Goghs at $25 apiece. They were beautifully textured and would look good in my living room.

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