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March 31, 2010

Shanghai Normal University; East China Normal University

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     Today was the first day of work for the U.S. Consulate supported programs.  We began at Shanghai Normal University in a terrific venue with a new Hamburg concert Steinway.  Jin Ruo Wei joined me on the erhu and we sauntered through the “Parallels in Chinese and American Music History” program.  The crowd was extremely astute, including music students and faculty, and the genuine interest in the program was very moving to me personally.  Ruo Wei and I played Zhu Ying Yao Hong of Liu Tianhua in the traditional style, followed by my deranged, jazzed up version.  One of the students said he wasn’t sure he really heard Zhu Ying Yao Hong in my version, and I am afraid he had a point. 

The second venue was a younger group of students at East China Normal University.  They were very receptive and gracious, and I only wish we’d had more time for the Q&A. They had a rehearsal immediately afterward, so we had to wrap it up.  In any case, in both cases there was a great deal of inquisitiveness about jazz, and I realized that for the most part they are not aware of jazz music.  So it places more burden on me to give them an introduction that will stimulate the m to learn more.

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