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March 27, 2006

Grant Wood

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originally posted March 24, 2006
Grant Wood is now at the Renwick Gallery.¬ I knew nothing about this artist before viewing the show.¬ It‚Äôs hard to know where to start‚ĶGrant Wood was a highly skilled artist and craftsman.¬ He spent considerable time in Europe as an art student, but eventually wound up back home in Iowa.¬ There he found what he was looking for in his own back yard, as the exhibit texts reveal.¬ In his own back yard were modest folk, corn fields, barns, animals, farm scenes, etc.¬
The end result is his distinctive style presented with genuine technical mastery.¬ I noted that his career included commercial work and reminded me in an odd way of Andy Warhol and Japanese master Katsushita Hokusai (see below).¬ All three of these gents responded to commissions or actually had jobs working for commercial enterprises.¬ Warhol was an excellent draftsman, and his drawings from the early part of his career are superb.¬
But back to Grant Wood.¬ ¬ His distinctive mannerisms may have spawned an entire genre.¬ Certainly that could be true of ‚ÄúAmerican Gothic‚ÄĚ, but also his portrayals of fields, houses and trees, often as though through a wide-angle lens.¬ I would like to study him more, as these stylizations became the norm in cartoon drawings of the mid-century.¬ This style must have come straight from Grant Wood.¬ A must-see exhibit.

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