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April 3, 2010


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You will never find a nicer piano room anywhere in the world than Brick in downtown Shanghai.  The decor is, well, brick.  But it also has wood.  It is a beautiful design, very comfortable, and the hosts are gracious and sincere.  I stopped in last night to hear Oleg Roschin and Viennese jazz stylist Heidi Krenn.  Heidi presents a very eclectic array of jazz standards, and does indeed remind the listener of her mentor, Sheila Jordan. 

I hope that Oleg and Heidi continue   together for  a very long time.  Heidi has a certain delicate vocal virtuosity that requires an attentive collaborator.  Oleg, who speaks about 45 languages, is simply a force of nature, and has a never ending arsenal of musical ideas and chops.  The two of them present the tunes full of shifts and complexities and with a good energy. 

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