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April 8, 2010

Wuhan day 3

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 The food of they day?  Yes, smoked donkey.  I swear, I ate smoked donkey.  It was actually called “Donkey in Red Oil”  and I recommend it.  Jianghan University hosted this particular repast.

I had the pleasure of meeting the leadership, students,  and faculty of Jianghan University, a school of 40,000 students.  The students in the lecture numbered around 350 and were largely music education undergrads.  They were an extremely receptive crowd, and we had a great time.  I was joined by a marvelous erhu player, Wang Meng Laoshi.  The Q & A afterwards was lively and regrettably we were cut short by time constraints.  The lecture was followed by the intro to Jazz Piano class, attended by 15 students or so.  I am finally getting the Mandarin words together for the musical technical terms, and could almost deliver this class in Chinese.  Next time.  We had limited time and focused on one aspect of the method, namely putting together a set of quartal harmonies that may be applied to most pop and jazz standards. 

photo lower: erhu soloist and teacher at Jianghan Univ. Wang Meng

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