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April 22, 2006

Ma XiaoHui

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My next big project is a concert with Ma XiaoHui at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on June 3, 2006.� We last performed together in 1999, also at the Kennedy Center, and the following day on the U.S. Capitol grounds, a concert series that closed after 9/11.� I will have to research the program a bit, but it included her own remarkable compositions for piano and erhu, solo erhu pieces, Liebesleid by Fritz Kreisler and ended with the famous tango, Por Una Cabeza.�

There are several truly astonishing artists that I have worked with over the years, and they can be counted on 3 fingers.� Without naming the other two, Ma XiaoHui is one of them.� Her performances are extremely emotional for me, as the sound of the� erhu in her hands is like the crying of the human soul.�

I was watching the movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon a couple years back and was unmoved by the cello performance.� The cellist� gave the cello the same sound for the atmosphere of a Chinese fantasy story as� one would for a Czech folk song, and it was� inappropriate and� truly irrelevant.� The erhu performance in the movie was a different story, and was always stirring.� � The credits scrolled by at the end, and sure enough, at the very end, the erhu playing was attributed to Ma XiaoHui.� I just about fell out of my chair.

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