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June 30, 2006

New York City

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Just spent two days in New York, notably at St. John the Divine Cathedral, Chinatown at Church of the Saviour, Central Park and Fiorello’s restaurant at 64th & Broadway.� Oh, and at a notorious dive in the West Village whose name escapes me.� It is notorious for having several hundred variations of sandwiches on the menu.� What a town.� One forgets just how dangerous those cab drivers really are.� But for shear romance, New York is it…the shear dimensions, the shear numbers of people, the monuments…in fact, everything is a monument in Manhattan.� Every corner, every restaurant, avenue, street, lamppost, coffee shop.� My new favorite is the Teleon Cafe behind Carnegie Hall.� Inexpensive, wireless internet, you can sit and face the street, watch people, check the news, etc.� But what about Fiorello’s?� Not the best food, but what a charming place.� It’s now my favorite restaurant in the city.� Yup, a tourist dive, quick dinner before Lincoln Center and all that.� But it’s got that something.

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