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July 15, 2006


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I had no idea what to expect when invited to Bellagio, (see PHOTO )but the breathtaking landscape here has made me a believer in the Italian lakes in the Dolomites.� This is the most spectacular setting I’ve ever seen, but maybe I don’t get around enough.� The mountains go straight up from the water, 360 degrees.� I ran today from Bellagio to Varenna by ferry, stopped in at a palazzo for a tour of the gardens and rooms, wandered up and down the steep steps of the village and generally had a good time.� We have a concert this evening at the Rockefeller Villa, courtesy of the German Marshall Fund.� I guess they are a bit short on cash, as we are not being compensated for the concert other than airfare and 2 nights room at a nice little� 3 star hotel.� A lot like doing a hotel gig.� Anyway, the venue is like a fantasaical paradise.� I wasn’t ready for the Italian, and what Italian I used to speak is buried beneath years of detritus.� �

The piano is a Boesendorfer that is in unairconditioned climate.� It is mush mechanically, but has a gorgeous sound.� We have a concert in a few minutes and we’ll see how it goes.�

� Silk is a major product in this region, manufactured in Como, among other places.� Como is about 10 miles from here, and can be reached by ferry in a few minutes.� In fact, if I had more time, I’d live on the ferry and zip from town to town.� There are at least a dozen ancient villages around the perimeter of the lake.� The architecture and gardens are pure Italian, and it is a bit of a shock, since we are only an hour by air from Vienna.

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  1. […] Well, not all at once. Harmonielehre of John Adams was performed by the National Symphony Orchestra last week in the concert hall of the Kennedy Center. This is a rockin’ tune, and I could have listened to it over and over. For some reason, it required spoken words by Leonard Slatkin up front, always a mood chiller. But the power of the performance and the piece itself overcame the wet blanket. For those not familiar with the piece, it is a smorgasbord of licks and sounds, propelled by a relentless pulse for about 40 minutes, according to the program notes. For the money I spent on the ticket (oh, uh, actually it was a comp) I would have liked for them to fire it up again. It is one of those turn off, tune in sort of extravaganzas, sort of like a bus ride throught the rockies. Or in this case, a bus ride through some of the hipper music of the 20th century. You just keep looking up at the different views of peaks and glaciers, rock formations, etc. in a sort of bewildered awe. Or like a boat ride on Lake Como. […]

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