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July 20, 2006

Sammlung Essl in Klosterneuburg

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Klosterneuburg, the� suburb of Vienna on the Danube, � is known largely for the Monastery founded in the 12th Century by a bloke named Leopold.� I visited the Stift but was more moved by my visit to the sterile building known as Sammlung Essl, a private modern art collection down the road.� Essl had three main exhibits, including a large show by artists currently active in Leipzig, a remarkable show of the work of Pierre Soulage, and another show that I may discuss later.� Soulage paints in black and supposedly highlights light in this manner.� I just enjoyed looking at the black.� It was on large canvas, thickly textured, and had certain symmetries or displays that made for an intriguing show.�

The Leipzig group was by far the most powerful part of the collection.� About 20 artists are shown, largely very higly developed styles with complex and highly developed craft as well.� However, my favorite was a photographer who did very simple black and white photography in the 50’s in Leipzig.� Evelyn Richter shot some� compelling human images.� PLease have a look at the link, they are great.� The name of the boat below, Traumland, translates to “Dreamland” in English.

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