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August 27, 2006

The Illusionist

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Movie starring Ed Norton and� Jessica Biel:� �

There have been hundreds of movies made in and about New York.� I don’t believe they shoot them in Newark, since everyone would know it’s, well, not New York.� So why does this movie about Vienna, about it’s society, monarchy, and police take place in surroundings that from the first scene are clearly not Vienna?� dunno.� It is shot in Prague, much of it on one street corner.�

Now that that matter is out of the way, I can say that the movie has style and a� terrific mood and a nifty love story.� But the reason that I saw it twice was because of the score by Phillip Glass.� The last Glass movie I saw was “Thin Blue Line”, which is shaped by the music, and in fact without the music, a� completely different movie.� The current movie is a different story.� The Glass score could almost pass for somebody else.� There are long periods in the movie without music, and his score is complex enough that it is hard to hang a hat on the themes.� The movie distracts from the music.� � Thus, even after a second viewing, I wasn’t confident that I had a handle on the themes, or how the themes were used in the drama.� In fact, the music really isn’t engaging or forceful, whereas the movie is� indeed engaging, and has some powerful moments which are not really reflected in the music.� � The music� is used occasionally to reinforce the tension of a moment, as it should be, but it wasn’t singular enough to make its own statement.� � Maybe I have to see it again.

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