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January 10, 2007

Shanghai Day 1

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Jan 9 2007� dept Dulles, arr Pudong Jan 10

A smooth flight from Chicago to Shanghai preceded a quick through-check at customs & a gracious welcome, full bouquet of carnations and lilies from a gracious welcoming commttee.� A quick car ride into downtown, check-in at a hotel on Pudong Ave, followed.� While in the car a call arrived� to say that we are on live television on Thurs. nite (jan 11), so as promised, things are happening quickly.

� After 21 hrs in a plane, a hot shower hits the spot, & that was followed by an immeditate descent upon a fabulous restaurant for a couple hours of Hot Pot with beef, lamb, poricini, pototoes, asparagus, shrimp dumplings, and a prepared jaozi (dumpling)� � � A blend of limited English, paralyzed Chinese (mine) and an unlimited supply of food and green tea…Then a quick car tour around the Bund and commercial district, etc.

In the same bldg as the restaurant and the hotel is the i’net cafe.� Finally, a smoke-filled room.� Filled with about 100 kids, a few older folks, mostly playing video games.� I connecte dht elatop and received excruciatingly slow service to sites outside China, (earthquake effects), but inside China is at lightning speed.

Slept well, & the hotel has the best green tea I’ve ever had.� Obviously I must look around a bit more when back home.� The view from the window (23rd floor) is directly across the Shanghai skyline.

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