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January 20, 2007

Shanghai Library Performance/Lecture

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The lecture/performance on Saturday, Jan 20 was the first given by a foreigner at Shanghai Library. A distinctly Chinese-fashioned jacket was ordered for the occasion, beautifully tailored and delivered the night before the performance. I had an excellent and deeply committed interpreter, who met with me a few days before the performance and proceded to do research on the various terms and subject matter. She was very well prepared.

The subject matter included Gottschalk, Liszt, Joplin, Bartok (with Ma Xiaohui, erhu) Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue, Charlie Parker’s “Billie’s Bounce”, a Liu Tianhua piece arranged as a jazz piano solo, Ellington’s “Sophisticated Lady” (with erhu) and then a pair of Chinese traditional pieces.� After the Q & A another encore was requested, and we did the Egyptian-based “Mustafa”.

� The occasion was remarkable because of the audience.� It was SRO, as the event had received excellent press coverage and we had just appeared on a major television show the week before.� There wasn’t time to present everything that I had prepared, partly because all spoken words had to be presented in translation.� There was a lengthy Q & A afterwards, and very few people left.� � Several of the questioners were curious as to how I was able to relate to the Chinese traditional music, and how the connection with this art form came about.� It was not an easy question to answer for some reason, and I am not sure that I satisfied the questioners.� My view is that music has a seamless quality, and that there are universal characteristics that apply across the borders of the musical styles or traditions.� When you learn a language, you do so by imitation of what somebody has already done for centuries.� The same applies to music.� That was the best response I could come up wit h.�

Again, the audience seemed to have an unending hunger for whatever it was that we were offering.� They simply loved the music.� See the� PRESS LINK� for the Chinese newspaper coverage prior to the event.� The Shanghai Library also posted a very nice announcement:� SEE LINK

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