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January 28, 2007


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The Wu Hou Shrine in Chengdu, dating from 223 A.D.

Jan. 22:� Chengdu, capitol of Sichuan, is socked in with fog around the clock.� The fog is so dense that there is a twilight atmosphere in the middle of the day.

� A local organization hosted our trip and concert, and local television coverage was extensive.� We also had time to visit a restored area of teahouses and a Buddhist temple.� The highlight of the restored area was undoubtedly the food.� � There were a couple dozen tiny food stalls with the most deliciously flavored soups, rolls, sate’s, etc.� I could have just stayed there an eaten continuously.

The food in Chengdu is, of course, spicy.� We had hotpot that is a combination of very spicy soup and not-so-spicy soups, side by side.� I was offered “cow stomach”� “swan stomach”� “shredded duck kidney” and other irresistible delicacies, and put forth a bold countenance while sampling everything.

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