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January 28, 2007

back in Shanghai: Jing An Cultural Society

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Jan 26 was the occasion of a concert at Jing An Cultural Society in the Jing An neighborhood.� The room was heated (a first) and the piano was a small brand new grand.� It was the best piano I had seen here.�

Television crews were there for pre-concert interviews and shot the entire concert, to my amazement.� There was a dramatic moment during the Q & A when a blind woman was brought to the stage and gave a stirring speech on the impact that the music had upon her.� It was like a rousing religious service for a few moments.� Apparently the concert received prolonged airtime on China TV the next day.� We have been invited back in April, and have received two other April dates as well.

The program was consistent with previous outings, including Liu Tianhua, Abing, the Egyptian “Mustafa”, the operatic “Deep Night”, the tango, Por Una Cabeza, and Sophisticated Lady by Duke Ellington.� We went afterwards to the neighboring Shanghai Hotel, a famous old place which is a perennial favorite among the Chinese.�

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