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January 28, 2007

last day in Shanghai

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6 hour video shoot� erupts out of nowhere…This is the last day of this tour.� We are doing an informal video of several pieces this evening, which is being recorded by China TV as a promo for our upcoming events in April.� (April 2-13)� � � I am not sure of the schedule, but it may include another trip to Chengdu, a performance at Jing An in Shanghai, and a lecture at one of the music schools.�

� post script:� The ‘informal video’� turned into a 6 hour multi-take session with an excellent lighting engineer, make-up artist, single video camera, and professional photographer who must have shot at least 700 frames.� The session was rudely interrupted by a 15 course meal at about 8 p.m. and we then continued until after midnight.� A memorable “good-bye” to Shanghai.� A traditional flautists from Beijing attended as well, to make comments on the details as the evening went by.

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