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February 13, 2007

A passing

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The news was just announced this evening that an important musical figure in Washington, DC has passed away.¬ There were so many things I still needed to say to this extraordinary gentleman, that I am just kicking myself.¬ I am also bewildered as to how I can get some of the answers that I need in order to move forward, or at least sideways in this musical world of ours.¬ The loss of this man is the last thing I needed at this point in time.¬ I had some pressing issues that I needed to run by him, and the moment has passed. He understood the need for balance in life, and understood the dilemmas that the musician has to face.¬ He understood the¬ crippling frustration that every artist faces, and how much one stands to lose while trying to do one’s calling.¬ He had experienced the supreme humiliation of rejection and the crowning insult of being ignored while putting forth his most profound work.¬ And yet he knew only one solution:¬ ¬ that of presenting his knowledge, his skill, his singular resources, and his love of God and his art, at every opportunity that was afforded him.

Hilton, what will we do without you?

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