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March 27, 2006

more Education

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originally posted March 26, 2006
1)� Home schooling is only slowly being understood by those outside the home school loop.� One only need glance at a home school newsletter to get the gist of what really happens in their world.� In a way, every child benefits from a blend of home schooling and institutional schooling.� Home school networks are an institution in and of themselves.� And public schools depend on parental involvement, outside tutors, online instruction, etc.� So in the future, which is now, a parent will actually be deciding on the blend of institutional and parental involvement, rather than either/or.�
2)� Item from a home school newsletter:� Genetic Researcher hosts lab on Monday, Jan 5, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. � � Can take 3 students with biology background. � Call 703.555.1212.
Obviously, the so-called home schooled bio student spends a day at NIH or some such thing, observes real science with real scientists, the latest lab equipment, has lunch with scientists, etc. etc.� I’ll take this any day over a high school bio course.� The home school newsletter is full of such field trips and projects.�
3)� It is old news that home schoolers often become accomplished musicians and artists.� Why?� Because they can work without time constraints on their craft in the morning, when they are not exhausted by a day of dealing with 7 different teachers that start � at 7:00 a.m.� � The typical high school student has little if any time, to say nothing of focus, � for the development of skills on an instrument.� And what time there is occurs during late afternoon or evening.4)� A local home schooled 12 yr old documented the construction of the family home:� meetings with the architect, permits, trenches, inspections, concrete, plumbing, electric, framing, paint, finish work.�
5)� What the institutionalized high schooler and the home schooler share is online studying.� Teachers put assignments on line and assignments may be completed and submitted online.� Entire courses can be completed online, and this matter must be addressed by the schools.�

6)� The required state elementary curriculum can be completed in about an hour and a half each day for a typical home schooled student.� So what are kids in school doing for the other 6 hours?

7)� Often I hear, “Now that he’s out of college, he can figure out what he wants to do”.� Why not let him figure that out when he’s 12?� Lots of kids know how they want to spend their time, but have a required curriculum that defeats their goals from the very beginning. � 16 years of this?� Absurd.

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