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April 1, 2007

The Second China Tour

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I scheduled this return trip to Shanghai based on several invitations to
return, all of which were postponed or cancelled. � So I arrived March 28
with only two private appearances scheduled, in addition to some classes.
No sooner had I landed than 5 hours of rehearsal were scheduled on the day
of my arrival. � The personnel included a � brilliant and widely
(internationally) recognized violinist and a very fine Chinese traditional
percussionist. � The next day, an additional percussionist was added,
traditional flute player and guzheng player. � The traditional pieces for
flute, yanqing, guzhong and erhu were exquisite, and worth the flight over.

The performance also gave me the chance to pull out my new arrangement of
the Horse Race, a famous Chinese traditional piece for erhu and
accompaniment. � I was not happy with the arrangement that I had used a few
dozen times before. � It was awkward in places, didn’t always fit the hands,
and had some peculiar moments when the piano was prominent but very weakly
voiced. � So I made an arrangement which is very pianistic, and actually
quite difficult to bring off.� � Nonetheless, it is worth the effort because
it brings a real pianistic and sonorous effect to the piece. � It sets off
the melodies with shimmering accompaniments, and becomes more of a virtuoso
show piece while remaining in the context of a chamber work.

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