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April 1, 2007

Moganshan Lu Art Galleries

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March 30 was a good day to visit 50 Moganshan Lu, a loft space with about 30
art galleries, built into an old factory. � I suspect this space could be
razed any day to build another 90 story skycraping extravaganza, but in the
meantime it is a fascinating destination. � I have no understanding of the
art market, but it did not seem that there were bargains to be had here.
The galleries hosted very fine artists with extraordinary skills.� � I presume
that they are selling worldwide, and use the space as a vehicle for an
otherwise worldwide presence on the internet.

One painter invited me in to his studio and showed me the details of his
oils, including the Escheresque interweaving of motifs, usually contorted
female forms. � The overall effect was less than grand in this case, however
they were available for $750 or so. � A highlight of his studio tour was
hearing a few selections from the 3 tenors. � From him. � He had a highly
trained baritone voice which was, well, huge. � The room was about 10 by 10
feet and his voice could fill a concert hall. � He then broke into a couple
of Chinese opera melodies, and we talked about a few of the old composers.
All of this in my severely limited Mandarin.

Another highlight of Moganshan is the video work of � Yang Fudong. � His new
work, “No Snow on the Broken Ridge” is comprised of � 8 large screens side by
side, black and white films which have a very old quality to them. � Shanghai
in the 1920’s, to be exact. � Each screen has a different segment of the
work, and I presumed that it was 8 scenes being shown simultaneously. � I
need to go back and see it again to really get a handle on it. � I think his
work is discussed at www.shanghaiartgallery.com

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