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April 1, 2007

The JZ School in Shanghai

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Today marked my first meeting with Lawrence Ku, director of the JZ jazz school. � Lawrence and I share an affiliation with New England Conservatory where he participated in the M.Mus program for Jazz Studies. � It was clear that Lawrence has taken on an enormous task. � Since there is no jazz school in Washington, DC, home of Duke Ellington, I cannot imagine starting one in Shanghai. � The building is terrific, has real style, and the school has an excellent coterie of faculty and staff. � I certainly hope � the populace will discover what an extraordinary resource exists here in downtown Shanghai. � I am very impressed by the school’s commitment to very young children, with regular classes � taught � by a dynamic and thoughtful young woman and a musical theater summer program being led by another very committed young woman. � This is a school with huge potential, and I had the feeling that I was on the ground floor of an important part of Shanghai’s musical future.� � � � �

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