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April 1, 2007

More Shanghai jazz scene

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I went to the JZ club for the first time last night. � The club is owned by the same gentleman who owns the JZ school. � The place was jammed, and is clearly a Shanghai scene. � There is nothing like it in Washington, DC, in shear terms of popularity and success. � The quartet included an excellent pianist, Victor Noriega, from Seattle. � He had a very settled quality to his playing, and it allowed him to make some clever and forceful musical statements, if you will. � I’m not a huge fan of a sound dominated by drums and bass, and much of Noriega’s playing, including parts of the solos, were covered by the electric bass and drums. � There is usually a big band on Saturday night, led by a German arranger that I hope to hear one day soon. There is also a vocalist named Coco Zhao who performs at JZ. � I have his CD, and he has a very distinctive voice and performance style. � Apparently it is a relatively small audience for this kind of music here, but I would think he would have broad appeal. � He works with a jazz quartet and vaguely reminds me of Little Jimmy Scott.� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �

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Unfortunately, the thick cigar and cigarette smoke drove me out after one set, and I stumbled over to Xintiandi to the CJW club. � The band there was playing a mix of pop and jazz, led by a singer from L.A. � She had the whole room up and dancing. � I haven’t seen a jazz club audience stand up and dance in quite awhile. � I am starting to realize that these jazz bands form a vital part of the night life here.

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