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April 12, 2007

Coco Zhao at JZ club April 8, 2007

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I had heard Coco Zhao ’s CD, Dream Situation, and was looking forward to his evening at JZ club.� Arrangements are� by violinist Peng Fei and the band includes pianist� Huang Jianyi, bassist E.J. Parker and drummer Chris Trzcinski.� Trzcinski was replaced by an excellent German drummer on this particular night.� � Coco is great to hear, and� the overall � style� is very sophisticated, ‘modern’ in terms of jazz genre.� He sings in Shanghainese,� and much of the Dream Situation material stems from 1930’s Shanghai.� � The � effect of the dialect is quite remarkable and lends a decidedly exotic feel to the sound.� (I don’t understand Portuguese either,� but bossa nova still grabs me).� He appeared last year at the Montreal Jazz Festival, and I believe repeats there this summer.�

Listen to Dream Situation excerpts

Coco and pianist/arranger Steve Sweeting have� just released Flower is not Flower, � a recording of traditional Chinese poems for voice and piano.� There is a lot to this music, and I intend to listen to both CD’s repeatedly.� Coco, by the way is� the � product of a musical family, studied oboe and piano, then composition and conducting at Shanghai Conservatory.� It is my personal view that anyone who has not heard his music is missing out on something important.� And by the way, Peng Fei is a highly trained violinist and a complete musical natural when it comes to creative improvisation.�

See LINK for more info on Coco Zhao.

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