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April 14, 2007

The tea in China

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Pu-er is my favorite tea.� It is good for the digestion, easy on the tummy and has a good, dark flavor.� I first had it in January in Shanghai and then ordered some from a company called Adagio Tea here in the U.S.� Their tea (expensive) � smelled and tasted like rotten spinach, so when I went back to China, I stopped in a tea shop to see if my perceptions had been misstaken.� The shop owner invited me to be seated, and graciously tolerated my mandarin while I inquired about the teas.� She gave me a few pours, and I left with a few ounces of Pu-er.� It was exactly as I had remembered, and I am drinking some now.

Often when visiting artists in their studios, or ine some of the commercial shops, I was offered a seat at a tea table.� The ensuing tea party offered everybody the chance to get acquainted, because tea is not quick.� � You have to wait for the brew, and you have to wait for the tea to cool in your cup.� There is a ritual to heating the cups, heating the teapot, and pouring the tea that slows life to a halt.� Conversation is more or less required at this point, and I made many warm acquaintances among strangers over a tea cup.� I think it was not every day that an American stumbled in and sat down for tea, nor was it a routine for me to have the time to talk with total strangers and try to find common ground.�

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