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August 10, 2007

Blonde Redhead in Baltimore August 8, 2007

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Blonde Redhead, including Kazu Makino, Amadeo and Simone Pace, appeared this week at the Ram’s Head in Baltimore.� I was looking forward to this concert for some time. I stood right� at the lip of the stage a foot from the keyboard, so the sound was not good.� I heard only a fragment of the vocals and very little of the keyboard.� But as anyone will relate, the energy upfront is well worth the loss in audio, which I know anyway from the recordings.� The drums were very clear from that spot, and I had a great chance to witness Simone’s calculated, consistent percussion riffs behind the tunes.�

He� uses 2 measure patterns, i.e. 1&2&3&4& 1&2&3&4&� � …and the like.� It is very intelligent drumming and makes for a secure fabric underneath the tune.�

The band takes a no-nonsense, hard working approach to the performance and with the exception of a couple of brief words from Ms. Makino, did not acknowledge the presence of the audience until the end of the performance.� And hard work it was.� They moved from tune to tune quickly and with only the occasional interruption to tune a guitar.� Actually, I was surprised that they did not have a guitar tech because they had 5 or six� instruments to rotate.� �

� A central feature of Blonde Redhead is the mere� presence of Kazu Makino on stage.� She conveys the strong� impression of being in a trance, whether playing keyboard, guitar, singing or dancing.� The dancing is distinctive, being more like a hypnotized response or swirling.�

I am working on transcriptions of The Dress� and Misery is a Butterfly with accompanying explanations.� They both make fairly decent piano pieces.� When they are complete, they will be at www.pianojazz.com/blonde-redhead.htm .� � See http://www.pianojazz.com/wordpress/?p=66� for B.R. links, etc.

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  1. Ha - “Hypnotized response or swirling”! You describe Kazu well.
    I learn lots of music knowledge from this article!

    Comment by with plastic gloves — August 10, 2007 @ 9:18 pm

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