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April 8, 2008

March 24 JZ Club: EJ, Chris, JQ, Haavik, Coco, & Carmona,

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See JQ’s notes on this event…Indeed a special evening when the stars agreed to indulge my whim and perform  my own compositions, some of which required a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from aging scores.    Planets, Creation:  A Jazz Suite, and the Jazz, etc collection were well represented.  EJ Parker and Chris Trzcinski were in their usual razor sharp form, JQ Whitcomb did a beautiful Heaven and Alec Haavik carved up the Planets on tenor & soprano saxes.   This was my first collaboration with Abraham Carmona, the startling Seville-born Flamenco artist, now performing around Asia.  I have invited and he has accepted, so he will be visiting Washington, DC in the first week of August, including an appearance at Jazz on Jackson Place on Aug. 7.  Coco performed his usual magic.  This was a night to remember, and I am kicking myself daily for not recording the entire evening.








left: Coco as whirling dervish. above: A.C. & JQ’s trumpet.       EJ & Chris nailing it.

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