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April 8, 2008

Xiang Cheng restaurant

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There are a million food joints in Shanghai, so new discoveries are made every second.  My latest favorite is a Sichuan restaurant near my hotel.  The address is  1297 Kai Xuan Lu, at Anshu Lu.  It is a typical rustic style Chinese restaurant, with big wooden tables and plenty of big red lanterns hanging from the ceiling.  A big feature is the home brewed beer.  Yes indeed, you may order black or white, and both are superb.  Otherwise, we ordered some fine dumplings, a tasty frog dish with plenty of that Sichuan whallop, and a very flavorful chicken dish.  Flavor.  No shortage of it at this joint. I was the guest of Shen Hong, a Shanghai educator, who graciously and patiently listened to my outrageous ideas on secondary education (exam free, arts heavy, etc.)  Jing provided the lively conversation.


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