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May 23, 2008

Sangbok Lee in Georgetown

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Sangbok Lee is showing her works Georgetown Art Gallery in Washington, DC.  In her words:  “In recent years most of my paintings have been developed by using modally abstracted images. These images have been developed from my traditional value of Nature which is based on the far Eastern Asian culture. I believe that I have developed a style which is unique for producing these abstract images using Hanji, a Korean traditional paper that has several hundred years of history.  My feelings are expressed in the delicately spreading colors and the creation of textures, and spiritual contemplation is expressed on my canvas.”

I had the pleasure of visiting the gallery yesterday.  Indeed, Sangbok weaves a delicate, sinuous web, a highly refined style to express simple philosophical concepts.  Her works are meticulously crafted, with subtle use of color.  The website photos do a good job of representing the variegations in the paper, so have a look.

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