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May 23, 2008

Coco Zhao and the lads invade Washington, DC

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Coco Zhao, Peng Fei, Huang Jianyi, EJ Parker and Chris Trzinski paid a visit to Washington for a concert on May 3.  Emceed by our friend Larry Appelbaum, the concert was a reminder of the finesse and power of this fine band, somewhat eponymously named Possicobilities.  Almost as gratifying was our sightseeing trip around DC, including an exciting adventure downtown which you’ll have to inquire of the band to get the whole story.  Hopefully DC is second or at least a third home for Coco, et al, and we are already planning a return visit.  The concert merited an article in the Washington Post.  The visit was entirely too short, but a welcome breath of Shanghai air!  The illustrious Mark Elliot accompanied the group on the tour which started in Toronto.  

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