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July 6, 2008

Finally: Pastry Xpo in MY neighborhood

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Yes, we finally have an excellent cafe in the neighborhood, Pastry Xpo.  Beautiful French delicacies and cakes, and superb coffee.  I just hope it lasts.  They offer samples every morning, and I could sustain myself on those alone.  It is a very high end pastry shop, and a real treasure for the neighborhood… Just have a look at the rave from the Washington Post this week.

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  1. Perfect Definition of “In Bliss and In Love” in Merrifield…………..I never knew that I can LOVE so many good things and so many people in the same place……a café/bakery by the name PASTRY XPO!!!

    I am proud to say that I enjoyed Pastry Xpo even before it was showcased on The Washington Post recently. I visited Pastry Xpo so often (counted 5 lunches a week!) that I feel like I almost become a fixture of the store!
    I am not a writer, I am not a cook, I am not a baker, I am not a chef……..but I do know my foods, especially excellent foods!

    Larry, my favorite young barista, I love Larry not just for his “special coffee concoction” which he created for me but also for his thoroughness in making sure that my drink is always perfect, regular or decaf or 50/50………depend on what time of the day, so I can still can have my beauty sleep at night!

    Samar Nseir Srour, I immediately knew she is the “Lady of the house” when I first visited Pastry Xpo from her way of taking care of me and everybody else to make sure that we all have what we wanted and more, give us our most comfort level in her store.
    I fell in love with Samar’s lentil soup, mushroom tart since the first time when Samar offered me a tasting…….just minutes hot off her oven!
    My latest love in Pastry Xpo is Samar’s grilled vegetables sandwich with olive oils, yes, not only good for your hunger but also for your heart. Talking about the heart, Samar’s conversation will enlighten my heart even on a dark cloudy day!

    Last but not least, the executive pastry chef, Toni Maurice Srour, I called him “the artist and the architect” of all the pastries and wedding cakes……….a quiet gentleman but very thoughtful and caring, care not only to always search for the best ingredients which go into his product (I don’t know what went into his chocolate croissant that it just melted in your mouth!) but also for the best presentation of how his shop is displayed………like a perfect painting of pastries and chocolates!

    Comment by Christine — July 22, 2008 @ 9:56 pm

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