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Creation: A Jazz Suite

Composed by Burnett Thompson

Joseph Cunliffe: flute, alto flute, bass flute
Chris Vadala: soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax
Craig Fraedrich: Trumpet
Burnett Thompson: Piano
Ephriam Wolfolk: Bass
Rod Youngs: Drums

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The Spirit of God on the Face of the Waters
The Face Of the Deep
A Little Light Music
Blues On Earth
Signs And Seasons
On The Wing
God's Beautiful Garden
Man Oh Man
Take Seven

Few if any souls 
can feel the effects 
of icy blasts of  
ideas generated   
in the cool summer  
nights of the mind. 
The beginning of time visits us in  
those quiet moments,  
when we would least like 
to be reminded  
Of the existences of that intolerable time...
before 40 days,  
before 3 days... 
Before a day.   
Flush out the spruce grouse 
of the corners of our  
thinking and shake us  
from the source of our  
sense of self.  I do not want to know  
what happened before  
the reeds and moons of my own soul
     began to speak in that 
uncomfortable way... 
Ecstasy follows each new Splash into another 
Speck of the Result.   
we can laugh at.   
Who can remember? 
I remember and  
it is not a happy  
motion in the area that I like to call Myself.   
for interpreter.   
Dawn eludes us 
I want to escape  
the emporium of ideas.   
When will we be relieved of the presence of the first 
Moment as a source 
of heartbreak?   
From beginning to end  
must be impossible. 
A lark spoke...it said  
Forget yesterday's  
touch and start anew.   
Bring the roar  
to a higher pitch!   
An unseen and  
shriek of the lack of color. 
Composed by Burnett Thompson 
produced by: Burnett Thompson 
design: Chris Lozos  
engineers:  Mark Greenhouse, Joseph Mills 
mixing:  Mark Greenhouse 
assistants:  Preston Brown, Steve Brown 
photography:  Goodman/vanRiper 
recorded at:  NPR Studio, Washington, D.C  June 1997 
Rod Youngs plays Sabian cymbals  and Baltimore Drum snare drums 

Dedicated to the memory of Kenneth Jerome Wolfolk 
P C 1997, Solace Records  

all rights reserved  
Unauthorized duplication is prohibited and in violation of   
applicable laws.