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Got Jazz?


A compact 4 hour course to train teachers to include a general approach to method, materials, and repertoire for preparing their beginning, intermediate, and advanced students to pursue jazz piano. Upon completion of this program, the teacher will be equipped to prepare the student for middle school and high school jazz band, both as pianist and instrumentalist.

This course can be taken either as a single participant or in a group.

The Curriculum

1) playing melodies by ear
2) confidence with chord accompaniments
3) playing in ensemble with correct and confident "time"
4) integrating jazz harmonies
5) the blues progression
6) standard jazz progressions
7) the basics of using jazz riffs
8) essential repertoire
9) jazz bass accompaniments
10) swing and Latin drum accompaniments
11) basic improvising methods

How to Sign Up

Time and Date: Negotiable
--Cost: $300 for the whole course (This fee may be split among several participants)
--Location: At the Studio of Burnett Thompson in Falls Church, VA or at a location of your choice
--About Burnett Thompson

--Contact: Burnett@PianoJazz.com or Tel: 703-489-8704